Washington Post: Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy announces bid in Virginia governor’s race

Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy will formally kick off her bid for Virginia governor Wednesday, becoming the first Democrat to take that step ahead of the 2021 election.

Carroll Foy plans a purely digital launch — airing a campaign video — because of the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis delayed her announcement by two months but also brought new salience to issues she plans to champion in her campaign.

“I never imagined that I’d be running for governor in the midst of a global pandemic, but covid-19 has exposed what was already beneath the surface — that there are families who can’t earn a decent paycheck, afford their medical bills or just get ahead,” she said in an interview last week. “And while many Virginians are finally being called what they’ve always been — essential — when they look at their paycheck, they [find out] that they’re actually expendable. I’ve been fighting for these groups and organizations, and for the families and workers since day one.”

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