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"The status quo has left us with a deeply broken system where too many Virginians are working too hard for too little. Working families need support now more than ever."

Jennifer Carroll Foy has dedicated her life to serving others. As one of the first African-American women to graduate from Virginia Military Institute, a foster mom, a magistrate judge, and public defender, Jennifer embodies the ideals of community, honor, and commitment in every facet of her life.

During her time in the legislature, Jennifer led Virginia’s effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, passed legislation to combat Virginia’s teacher shortage, and proudly supported the successful fight to expand Medicaid to 400,000 Virginians.

She is a proud mother to twin two-year-olds, and wife to her husband Jeff, who she met her first week at VMI.

Jennifer Foy for Governor

A record of fighting for a better Virginia

Jennifer grew up in Petersburg and was raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother always told her, “if you have it, you have to give it,” even if you don’t have much to give.

What she meant was – if you have a warm home, you open your door. If you have strength and compassion, you lend it. If you have been blessed, then be a blessing to others.

Her grandmother’s call to serve others wouldn’t just be a phrase for Jennifer — it would become a life-defining, core value. It drove her decision to apply to Virginia Military Institute, and was the reason she decided to become a foster parent, public defender and, later, a Delegate.

During Jennifer’s time as a Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly, she's proud to have:

  • Fought to expand Medicaid coverage for 400,000 Virginians
  • Led the fight to protect our environment from big polluters
  • Passed commonsense gun safety reforms that will go a long way toward making communities across Virginia safer
  • Led the fight to make Virginia the 38th and final state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Supported an increase in salaries for teachers
  • Passed historic legislation to expand broadband access to rural Virginia
  • Expanded Virginia students’ access to career and technical education opportunities

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Jennifer has sounded the alarm on the crisis’ public health and economic impacts. She encouraged investigations into racial disparities, called for paid sick leave for hourly workers on the front lines, and is leading the charge to institute a vote-by-mail process ahead of the November elections.

Now, more than ever, the status quo won’t do. We need a leader who is willing to solve problems, not apply band-aids that get us from one crisis to the next.

We as Virginians have it, and so we have to give it. We have to give everything we’ve got to ensure no one in our commonwealth is left behind — so that our neighbors, friends, and family can live better lives.

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The Issues That Matter

Jennifer's Fighting For What's Important

Our future demands a leader with the bold vision, creativity, and stubborn tenacity to fight for what’s right and never take no for an answer when serving Virginians. The ideas of the past just won’t do. Virginians can’t wait.

Jobs & the Economy

Affordable Healthcare

Protecting our Environment

Responding to COVID-19

Jobs & The Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed the most devastating economic crisis since the Great Depression, and we will be dealing with the economic fallout for years to come. We must work to bring diverse, high-paying jobs to the Commonwealth, expand broadband access to all communities, create more career and technical education opportunities, and increase financing opportunities for small businesses. However, we only succeed when every Virginian shares in the Commonwealth’s success. That’s why, as Governor, I will work to ensure all workers can collectively bargain, make a fair wage, and have access to paid family and medical leave.

Affordable Healthcare

I was proud to expand Medicaid to over 400,000 Virginians. But now, more than ever, far too many Virginians do not have access to affordable healthcare. Premiums are still too high. Too many people have burdensome medical debt or can’t afford life-saving medications. I will work to find innovative solutions to reduce premiums, ensure more Virginians have coverage, and reduce prescription drug prices.

Protecting our Environment

As Delegate, I led the charge to clean up toxic chemicals spilling into drinking water across our Commonwealth. However, climate change remains one of the biggest threats to our children’s future — threatening to upend communities across Virginia, especially in the Hampton Roads region. We need big, urgent solutions to make Virginia the national leader in clean energy innovation.

Responding to COVID-19

As Delegate, in addition to helping constituents navigate the crisis (utilizing the unemployment claim process, ensuring their children can access school lunches, and keeping their small businesses from going under by helping them access capital), I’ve fought for paid sick leave for hourly workers, higher unemployment caps, and an all vote-by-mail election in November.

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